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The Fulfillment of Isaiah in Acts 1:8 (A/NY Conference)

The Fulfillment of The Old Testament in Acts 1:8

This week, we're excited to share a special conference message on the The Already and Not Yet from our recent biblical theology conference on Preaching and Teaching the Old Testament with G. K. Beale, Benjamin L. Gladd, and T. James Milliken. The fulfillment of God's kingdom promises and his plan to restore the kingdom of Israel remains one of the most hotly debated theological issues of all time. When the disciples ask Jesus, "Lord, is it at this time that you will restore the kingdom to Israel?", how should we understand his response (Acts 1:6–8)? At the heart of it all, G. K. Beale uncovers a series of careful allusions to the prophecies of Isaiah, as Luke reveals the fulfillment of God's kingdom plan for restoration. Could these allusions to Isaiah be the key to understanding God's kingdom promises?

To download the full set of handouts and PowerPoints for this conference message, click here to view our Conference Notebook.

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