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Surgeons without residency?

Certainly Not.


I'm a strong proponent that some occupations lend themselves to in-person instruction. Surgeons spend 3–7 years in internships and residency programs after completing a bachelor’s degree and medical school, and for good reason. Practicing surgeons will perfect their craft as they learn to operate under their watchful eye. How much more important must this be for future pastors and teachers who will ultimately operate on souls through the exposition of the Word?


Exegete with Surgical Accuracy


At a former seminary, my students hung a sign on my door that stated, “Where the elite come to exegete.” I don’t say this to boast either of my skill or that of my students, but to explain the surgical accuracy with which I, along with my students, intend to approach the living Word of God.


Our focus is on Greek and Hebrew Exegesis and Biblical Theology to prepare scholar-pastors for ministry from a Reformed theological perspective. Students learn to apply Greek and Hebrew through the following focused lens:

    Getting to the Main Point

Students will learn an exegetical approach that follows the flow of thought within a paragraph or chapter of scripture to find the main point. This is obviously crucial to preaching.


    Crafting the Homiletical Idea

Homiletical ideas must conform first and foremost to the content of the passage.
Without context, exegesis be
comes eisegesis. 


    Building upon Biblical Theology

Thorough exegesis considers the passage in the context of the entire canon and the larger storyline of scripture. Only then can one more fully understand the passage, in the light of redemptive history.

Learn and Disciple in-person with Dr. Beale 

We are looking for a cohort of 7–12 entering students each fall semester who will walk through the M.Div program together in-person and in community. Basically, we would like to form in-person cohort for the RTS Dallas campus:

– Students will deepen relationships and build opportunities for discipleship within a committed small group

– We’ll fellowship through shared meals between professor and students

– We’ll grow to read scripture together, in the original languages

– We'll grow collectively through character building and shared learning 

– We’ll revive a tradition for pastors as scholars once modeled by the Puritans

This model is a key reason why I joined the RTS faculty in June of 2021. We think that this is a crucial time for all those that want to be trained for the ministry in a face-to-face context. Face-to-face ministry requires face-to-face training. If this speaks to your heart, then feel free to contact us and we can discuss it together:

Explore Further

In person education, with a dedicated faculty member, requires a lot of careful selection on your part. If you are considering enrolling through Reformed Theological Seminary, feel free to explore Dr. Beale's courses and materials below.

Dr. Beale offers the following courses in-residence:

– First year Greek

– The Letters of Paul

– Acts and Romans

– Greek Exegesis (Introduction)

– Hermeneutics (Principles of Interpretation)

– New Testament Use of the Old Testament

– New Testament Biblical Theology

– Hebrews to Revelation (with emphasis on Revelation)


You can also preview Dr. Beale's full course in New Testament Biblical Theology:

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