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Spring Conference: Preaching & Teaching The New Testament Use Of The Old Testament (Plano, TX)

Preaching and Teaching The New Testament Use of The Old Testament: Conference and Workshop for Pastors, Elders, and other Interested Christians RTS Dallas, Town North PCA, and MEHR Reformed Ministries are pleased to announce that New Testament professors GK Beale (RTS Dallas Resident Faculty)and Ben Gladd (RTS Jackson Resident Faculty) will be leading a teaching conference for pastors, elders, and bible teaching leaders on the use of the New Testament use of the Old Testament. This one day conference will be a unique opportunity to learn from two acclaimed scholars through lectures and in small groups throughout the day to put into practice what is being learned at the conference. If you carry the responsibility of teaching or preaching, you will not want to miss out on this experience. The conference will be from 8am-9pm on April 28th. For more information and to rsvp, please follow this link.

28th APRIL (2023) 8:00AM–9:00PM


The primary purpose of this conference is to provide continuing education to pastors and to refresh them in some of the biblical-theological approaches, which they learned in seminary. All of this is with a view to enhancing the expository preaching of pastors and the teaching of elders. This is not a conference where pastors and elders sit on the sidelines, merely listening to one plenary address or sermon after another. There will be break-out sessions for workshops and question and answer sessions. While this conference is primarily targeting pastors/teachers, we would love to have laypeople join us—including men, women, college and seminary students.

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